How to track lost phone with IMEI number in India, follow this step by step process

How to track lost phone with IMEI number in India
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These days, Smartphone is very important for life. Without it, many things will come to a standstill. Whether to make a money payment or view a map. All kinds of work, big or small, can be done with it. In this situation, if the phone is lost it can be very troublesome. But, the good thing is that even if your phone is lost, you can track it. Phone IMEI number helps with this. Let us know that method.

IMEI is, in a way, the identity certificate of the phone. The phone can be tracked through this unique number. Phone can be tracked through this number even if the phone SIM is changed. This number cannot be changed. Because SIM or location can be turned off. But, the IMEI number cannot be changed. This is the number that comes with the phone handset. 

How to Find your phone by IMEI number: If your phone is lost, first you need to go to your nearest police station and report the loss of the phone. After registering the FIR, you should keep a copy of it with you.

Talking about the next step, you need to go to this link and place a request to block IMEI. Here you have to give (upload) Xerox copies of the police FIR report, and other important documents.

While entering the number, you must remember that it should be the same number that was active earlier. Because you will get OTP on this exact number. After that, you will get an ID for the request. If you want to unblock the IMEI number, this ID is required.

How to get the phone from IMEI blocking requests? What actually happens is that when you report a lost phone, the network operator shares your device's IMEI number as a blacklist in a central database. Due to this, other operators also block this number. So other SIMs will not work on the phone. In that situation, all network providers are alerted. As soon as any other company's SIM is inserted in the mobile, the IMEI number is detected and the location of the phone is tracked. So that the police will recover it.

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