iQoo released Funtouch OS 14... these are the new features

Funtouch OS 14

Leading Chinese smartphone manufacturer iQOO has become very popular in India by launching some amazing phones. It also offers better features and is more impressive. Funtouch OS 14 has recently released a new software update for smartphone users in India. Released on October 7, this update includes all the features of the latest Android operating system, as well as some IQOO special features. The company revealed that the IQOO smartphones will perform even better with this update. First released on IQOO 11 smartphones, this OS will be available on other IQOO smartphones by the end of 2023.

This OS improves memory management, multitasking capabilities, personalization, privacy, and security. It also offers new video editing tools. IQOO India CEO Nipun Maria recently said..'The company is working hard to provide the smoothest and fastest experience to the users of IQOO smartphones. IQOO aims to make phones more personalized. The latest update, FunTouch OS 14, is a big step in that direction. Let's find out the new features that are available with FunTouch OS 14.

Smooth Vision

This feature makes the phone run faster by reducing the number of apps that are always running in the background. The phone uses less RAM and provides more storage space to run other apps.

App retainer

With this feature, users can keep their favorite apps open for a long time. Even if they are not used for a while, they will open. This results in quick access to them when wanted again, without having to wait for them to load.


With FunTouch OS 14 you can keep up to 12 apps in small windows in the background. You can easily switch between them. Windows size can also be adjusted.

Video editing tools

With FunTouch OS 14, videos can be edited in original quality, up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Videos can also be exported without losing even a bit of quality.

Motion blur

This feature makes the phone look smoother when opening and closing apps on the home screen.

Privacy & Safety

With the new Smart Mirroring feature in FunTouch OS 14, you can share the screen without exposing any personal info in the notification bar.


Now you can customize the clock style on the lock screen. The new clock style can be selected from the Always On display styles.

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